Thursday, January 2, 2014

Random Acts of Kindness....Mother's Day Weekend 2013

I cannot believe the year went by so fast and I am just now blogging about our Mother's Day weekend 2013....I have a lot to catch up on! Here goes!
Mother's Day 2013 is one that I will never forget. My Daughter, my Mom, her friend Jean and I planned a day of random flower planting in Ortley NJ. We knew a lot of homeowners would be returning soon and thought "wouldn't that be awesome to plant flowers so they would have something pretty to come home to?". We sent out requests for flowers, supplies and gift cards to home depot so we could buy flowers. It didn't surprise me we received a ton of flowers and had to take 2 cars! We met up my girl Courtney who gave us a list of homeowners whose homes were completed and ready to move into. It was a secret! The day started out rainy and chilly, but with each house we stopped at the day became brighter....
 Look at the cutest flip flop wreath that my mom created for The Peoples Pantry!

We had to be very careful. There was shattered glass when we dug too deep.
At this point, we didn't need to water because it started to pour!

What a treat to come home to!

This home was fun! The owner was there and it was being worked on by We Are Team Jersey at the time. She made sure we had water and coffee and called us her "GARDEN FAIRIES". So nice!

 You know me....REDUCE REUSE RECYCLE! We planted in anything we could find! There were cinder blocks everywhere. See, its getting brighter...and warm!

 After an amazing lunch at Surf Taco we decided to head to the beach for a look before going home.

 Never know what you will find.....
What an amazing day!
The best way to spend Mother's Day
is doing random
acts of kindness together.

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