Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sorry it's been so long.

Sorry it's been so long.....
Trying to come up with ideas for these busy after school sporting event nights has been a challenge for me. I have been neglecting to write new posts because I have been busy coming up with new ideas for super quick meals we can all eat at different times of the evening. Crock Pot meals you say? I cannot be so lucky! My kids are picky and don't like their food all mashed together! I would still end up a short order cook because I would have to make something separate for the kids. I have been trying a lot of new egg roll wraps and paninis. I will post as i get them done!

I have also been busy getting my garden ready for planting! My favorite time of year! I planted my seeds, the ones I saved from the heirloom organic veggies I grew and harvested myself last year! I am super excited to see what I can grow this year. The seedlings are emerging and I am eager to set them in the garden.

I hope you had a nice Holiday. I celebrated Easter with my beautiful family at my mom and dad's house this year. Needless to say, I fell off the healthy wagon for about 3 days! You know, you have eat....for 2 more days! The nice part is, the exercise I do was enough so I did not gain an ounce! Woohoo! Down 15 lbs since this whole adventure began and I feel great! 10 more to go!

Here are some Easter pics I want to share...because some of you asked, and because I just want to!

We colored eggs with Kool-Aid this year, thanks to Pinterest!
They smelled so good! 
We ate pancakes on Saturday morning at the firehouse with The Bunny....a tradition for 10 years now! 
My 5 year old planted and watered jelly beans that grew into lollipops on Easter morning. That bunny is magical. 
My brother, his wife and I hid about 200 filled plastic eggs while my husband, mom and dad supervised a flag football game! 
It took 20 minutes to hide them, and 2 to find them! 
She still loves the hunt! My beautiful 12 year old with a huge smile! 
Fresh and Smoked Polish Kielbasa....smoked is my favorite. 
My beautiful, busy up fresh polish pierogi...LOVE!
No, that is not her champagne!
I made these adorable bunny cupcakes. Some were key lime and some were vanilla. NOT from a box this time and they were really amazing. 

These amazing little morsels made by my brother and his wife! Angel food cake skewered with strawberries and drizzled with chocolate! Yummy. 
Of course....a fire after dinner. 
Not even sure what to say......but they look like they are having a blast!
My dad (aka Tim the Tool Man Taylor) and my bro....who gets a mulcher out on Easter just to take it for a spin!

I promise I will bring back all the good recipes, inspirations and add in some gardening tips in the very near future.
I have also learned how to allow you to "print this recipe" without the pics! Super excited about that (Casie)!
Happy Hump Day!

Oh yeah....I also planned a mini vacation to Niagara Falls, Canada for June in the time I have been neglecting my blog. Whew! I have been busy.

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