Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Lunch and Tomatoes!

Look at this lunch! Yummie! About 300 Calories!

I took a Flatout and spread some Bolthouse Blue Cheese on it. I topped it with 2 slices of deli ham that I ripped into pieces, fresh spinach leaves and 1/4 cup of part skim mozzarella cheese. I toasted that in the toaster oven for about 6 minutes. Done! Yum! Easy!

Today, I bought 80 pounds of Organic Roma Tomatoes that I am going to turn into sauce and can! That is my project for tomorrow....I will update and post pics!

I also made these amazing frosted pumpkin cakes that i found on Pinterest...the kids LOVE them! I substituted an equal amount of applesauce in place of the Crisco. I also added a dash of cinnamon to the frosting.

Pinned Image
More Tomorrow! Stay Dry!

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