Monday, September 10, 2012

Organizing 101 and Homemade Instant Oatmeal...

Getting Organized and Homemade Instant Oatmeal!
Well, with both kiddos now in school full day the house is too quiet. Whaaat??? Did I just say that! It is, it's the truth. I miss them making even the smallest of chores take double the time! I have to play music all day just to feel like someone else is here (other than the 2 guinea pigs!). Each day I leave the bus stop thinking what am I going to clean out today. I have 3 goals for each day.
1. Clean something out, get organized.
2. Exercise so I can reach my goal to lose 10 more pounds.
3. Shower!
I plan on doing those three things even on the days that I work the evening shift. I am hoping this blog (and the husband!) keeps me accountable.
I tackled the dreaded pantry Friday....

Not too bad. It doesn't look like all those fancy pinterest ones but at least it is organized. Let's see how long it lasts! Finally got rid of the leftover sandy half eaten beach/pool snacks, YUCK!

Friends, I might not be able to come up for air during this tackle! My recipe books. Ugh....why does someone collect EVERY SINGLE RECIPE that looks remotely good even though she knows she will NEVER make it? Clutter, get out! I have so many magazine pages and recipe books I am running out of space. Who am I kidding, I have NO IDEA what recipes are even in those books.

Wish me luck! I will post pics! It might take a week, but I will nail this task and move on to the next....the cabinets!
Until next time, I will leave you with a recipe for Homemade Instant Oatmeal. It is much better for you than the store bought packets and it looks so cute sitting on the counter. I have made this for years, it is my daughters favorite anytime of the day!
Homemade Instant Oatmeal:
2-18 ounce containers of Organic Quick Cooking Oats
2-3.2 ounce envelopes non-fat Dry Milk
1.5 cups packed dark brown sugar
In a large bowl mix all ingredients well. Try to smash as many of the brown sugar balls as you can. Transfer to an airtight container. I always put it in a large cookie jar on the counter with a one cup measuring scoop inside.
For Breakfast:
Scoop one cup of mix into bowl. Add a little less than one cup of hot water depending on how thin/thick you like your oatmeal. Let it sit for a few minutes....enjoy!
I hope you get at least one of your goals accomplished today! Please share!


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