Monday, March 5, 2012

Dr Seuss Pops!

No, it's not healthy, not one bit! I made these for my son's kindergarten class Friday for Dr Seuss's Birthday! I posted on facebook to share how cute they were, and many of you asked me for the tutorial! The idea was not my own, i saw it here  on pinterest of course! I made mine totally different though!

 The Cat in the Hat Pops!
 My cat in the hat!
Super Simple! Wet a paper towel, place in the bottom of a bowl. Paper towel should be really wet. Dip the bottom of one of the marshmallows onto the paper towel to get it wet. It does not need to be really wet, just enough so they stick together.
Push the wet bottom onto the bottom of a dry marshmallow. Press them together and lay flat to dry. Repeat with the rest of the marshmallows until you have as many hats as you need.

 Cut remaining marshmallows into 3 rounds, you will need one round for each hat. So if you are making 12 hats, you will need four extra marshmallow to cut into 3 pieces.
Sprinkle powdered sugar onto parchment paper. Place the rounds onto the paper. Roll each one to make it flat. 
Using a dab of water again, place the "brim" on each hat! I used my finger to get the entire brim wet. While the brim is still wet, i sprinkled chocolate jimmies around the outside and they stick like magic!
Now place a lollipop stick in each one starting at the brim.
 I then took a wet paintbrush and wet the area where i "glued" the 2 marshmallows together, making a straight line around the hat. I then poured red sugar over the line.

 I painted the top with water and dipped them in the red sugar.

 I let them dry and packaged them up! They were a huge hit with the kiddos!

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