Friday, October 12, 2012

A Fun Food Week!

I am so not ready for this weather. I am getting absolutely nothing done because I am so cold I can't move! So I decided I will sit and write to you with a second cup of coffee, unless of course my frozen fingers break off while typing...then I will have to sit and do absolutely nothing. Which is NOT realistic because I have to decorate for halloween before it's over, and I have at least 12 loads of laundry to do and 6 closets to clean out! Blah Blah Blah.......

We had a fun food week in my house.....Click on the Titles or Photos to take you to the link....

1. Buffalo Chicken Chili from the last post.

3. Pancake Muffins from Michelle made with Strawberries and Apples instead, paired with.....

 Bacon Egg Muffins from Julia
I have always made these but chopped up the bacon and added spinach and cheese! Julia saved me a step! I use PRECOOKED bacon and it always turns out crispy and yummy!
 4. Walking Tacos...I am sure you have seen these! You take a Dorito Snack Bag, I cut it on the side, not the top. Smash the doritos. Add taco meat (i use pulled chicken). Add fixins such as corn, cheese, plain greek yogurt, salsa, olives, lettuce, etc. Stick a plastic fork in it and DINNER! My family went nuts! They usually only get these at sports events, but it was a huge hit for dinner. Make a double batch of the meat and freeze some for a super easy repeat dinner next month!

5. Fun Lunch Ideas for the Kiddos....they are getting tired of the sandwich! My kids are not big fans of buying at school (other than the slushy or cookie!) and I have been trying to pack some healthy homemade lunchables for them. I will get creative and post these when I do! The first 2 were a HUGE hit!
Have a Great Weekend!
Head on over to Posh Pouches for some awesome products to pack fun eco-friendly lunches!


  1. Love your new blog! Love the lunch ideas too, cant wait to try them out! My kids are not big sandwich eaters so these ideas are great :)

    1. Thanks Dana! I got the containers at amazon
      and the smaller ones here I thought they were a great idea! I had the little silicon cupcake wrappers from long know me(and you!)....reduce reuse recycle!

    2. I guess you can copy and paste the didn't link! Sorry!