Monday, October 15, 2012

For All of YOU Amazing Moms and Dads

I saw this on Pinterest today and the title caught my eye....
I read it. Cried. Then realized I have to repost this.
This message from a single dad is definitely worth the read. I wish I could post it all over town because it is so true. Not just for dads, but for moms too. It made me stop and think.
So here's to all of you amazing moms and dads. Because you have seen this happen and felt bad....and they are words to live by on those tough parenting days (of which I have many) !!!!
From now on.....we will always get ice cream!!!!!
Single Dad Laughing..... click on the link, please read all 3 pages and share. The comments are outrageous too!
Have a great Monday!



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